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Simpac manufactures a variety of paper sacks for industrial companies

Paper sacks manufactured for industrial companies packing a range of products

Simpac manufactures paper sacks to hold a wide range of products including minerals, powders, granules, loose fill products and charcoal.

We also manufacture paper refuse sacks and stock unprinted paper sacks for general use.

A choice of industrial paper sack styles and specifications

Paper sacks are manufactured with a sewn or glued bottom and up to 4 plies of natural or bleached kraft paper.

We manufacture bags to specifically meet your size and specification requirements.

Bespoke print to promote your product or brand

Industrial paper sacks can be custom printed up to 6 colours to effectively advertise your product.

Our in-house design team provides a creative and efficient artwork service.

Contact our industrial paper sacks experts

For more information about our industrial paper sacks, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Contact us to discuss your Paper Sack requirements
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