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High-quality aluminium foil plates and foil containers

Simpac supplies a vast range of foil containers including foil plates, foil dishes, foil platters and foil trays.

Key customers include major retailers, catering companies and food service providers.

Simpac is a BRC-accredited supplier of food-grade aluminium foil containers to major supermarkets, caterers and food service providers. We supply packs of own label and branded foil containers suitable for retail, or in bulk for catering companies and food manufacturers.

A great range of foil containers to meet your needs

Our range of aluminium foil containers includes foil plates, foil dishes, foil trays and foil platters. Foil containers are available with cardboard lids for storing food, making them ideal for take-aways and catering. Foil trays and foil platters are perfect for buffets, barbeques, picnics and parties.

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For more information about our range of foil dishes, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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