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Suppliers of quality polythene refuse sacks, and manufacturers of paper refuse sacks

Simpac manufactures paper waste sacks, and supplies polythene refuse sacks to a range of customers, including major retailers, janitorial distributors, local authorities and industrial waste management providers

Simpac is a BRC-accredited supplier of high-quality own label and branded polythene refuse sacks on the roll to many major UK retailers and supermarkets. We also supply strong flat packed refuse sacks for building, cleaning and janitorial use. Polythene trash bags are available with straight top, tie top, tie handles or drawstring closures. A variety of sizes, film colours and thicknesses are available to suit your needs, from value refuse sacks to heavy duty rubble sacks.

Simpac is a UK manufacturer of paper refuse sacks suitable for industrial waste, with the added environmental benefits of being biodegradable, compostable and easily recyclable. A wide range of sizes and specifications is available to suit your needs.

From polythene garbage bags to paper refuse sacks, we have it in the bag!

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For more information about our range of refuse sacks, please contact our friendly team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Simpac also supplies a large range of bin liners, please click here for more information.

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