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Simpac is one of the leading baking paper converters in the UK

Our BRC accredited manufacturing site in Glasgow converts a range of baking paper reels to sheets for use by bakers and food producers, and rolls for retail by major supermarkets.

We have an enviable list of customers,including the largest UK supermarkets and bakery chains, who trust Simpac to deliver high-quality professional grade baking paper nationwide.

Our 2 side silicone coated baking paper is ideal for lining cake tins and baking trays allowing food to turn out freely after cooking.

High-quality baking paper from sustainable sources

Simpac supplies FSC certified baking paper ensuring the responsible regeneration of forests. We can also supply baking paper rolls in FSC certified retail boxes and shelf ready packaging for environmentally aware consumers.

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss your baking paper requirements.

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