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A great range of high-quality food bags supplied to the food service industry

Simpac supplies an extensive range of food and freezer bags to food service wholesalers

Simpac supplies a wide range of food and freezer bags which are ideal for use in the kitchen to prepare, cook and store food.

We also supply specialist roasting bags, microwave bags, pouring bags and ice cube bags.

Food bags available in a range of styles

Food bags are available with a straight top and twist ties, or with a variety of closures such as tie handles, captive flap, minigrip or press and seal.

Food bags can be packed into printed polythene packs or cardboard boxes.

Food bags supplied to food service wholesalers and distributors

Our great range of food bags can be supplied together with our non-stick baking paper, catering foil, foil containers and bin liners.

Contact the Simpac food bag experts

For more information about our range of food bags, please contact our knowledgeable team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Other Simpac Food Services Products:

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