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High-quality polythene produce bags supplied to leading food retailers

Simpac is a BRC-accredited supplier of polythene produce bags

Simpac supplies a range of produce bags to leading food retailers and supermarkets in the UK and internationally.

A variety of produce bag styles to meet your specific needs

Polythene produce bags are available in a choice of styles including straight top or tie handle, and produce bags can be packed loose, blocked or on the roll. We also offer produce bags packed in a dispenser to ensure only one bag is taken at a time to reduce waste.

Produce bags with bespoke print to advertise your brand

Polythene produce bags can be supplied unprinted or can be custom printed to effectively promote your brand.

Contact the Simpac produce bag experts

For more information about our produce bags, please contact our friendly team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Other Simpac Products for Food Retail Buyers:

Contact us to discuss your Produce Bag requirements
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